Homeschooling or Craving Culture? Virtual Art Visits for You!

A lot of us are at home. A lot of kids are at home. 

A huge part of being human is our ability to connect; not only with other humans but with the creations and inventions of others. 

Our connection and response to what other humans can make or do is a big part of why we love art; 'Wow, look what Michelangelo did while laying on his scaffolding', or 'Wow, look what  Frida could do even when she lived with a lot of pain'. 

While a lot of us are isolated, I wanted to share with you some ways to remain connected, while also helping with students being homeschooled. I am hoping to make some art tutorials at a later stage, but for now I will find the websites that I have been enjoying with my children and I will endeavour to put these up daily so that I can also connect with you. 

Please keep in touch, comment which sites you like and what you would like to see and let's all find our connection to art and people. 

Todays Virtual Website Links

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Michelangelo / Public domain Wikimedia Commons


Michelangelo - Italian Artist, 1475 - 1564.

Michelangelo, the name just conjures up images of vivid sculptures and paintings (also conjures up a certain cartoon turtle, but let's not dwell on that...).

He painted 'The Creation of Adam' on the Sistine Chapel's celing, which is that famous painting that is the brunt of so many memes - where God and Adam are reaching with outstretched fingers. 

He was a prodigious artist, creating a HUGE body of work in his long lifetime. 

Looking at Michelangelo's work alone could keep you entertained for weeks!

Here is a 3D virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican to see the amazing art he painted: 

And a video walk around in the Vatican: 

Here is a helpful Youtube video tour of Michelangelo's statue 'David': 

And a website link to 10 of his most famous artworks: 

Frido Kahlo - Mexican Artist, 1907 - 1954. 

To be honest, I never knew all that much about Frido except that she was a painter, she had health issues, was known for painting herself and had a cult following.  I've really enjoyed looking at the following websites!

She had polio as a child and later in life was in a bus accident which left her with severe injuries. Although she lived in a lot of pain, she still managed to create wonderful, inspired art that was very unique and groundbreaking at the time. She had strong political views and stood up for feminist rights.

Here are a couple of links to the Frido Kahlo virtual museum: